Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion


To transform the way the world generates and stores energy. We aim to dramatically improve efficiency of converting thermal energy into electric energy, leaving a softer footprint where we tread.


We developed the JTEC for government and private industries that want efficiency of energy production. A wide range of applications ranging from converting nuclear power plant waste heat into clean electricity production to computer server farms using the thermal heat generated from the servers to actually cool the rooms housing the computers can benefit from the JTEC.

At Johnson R&D, Johnson Battery Technologies and related company Excellatron, we are incredibly confident that our efficient, clean energy advances will change the way we consume energy and the footprint we leave on earth.

We solve energy problems for the government and companies in a diverse range of industries. From the oil & gas industry to aerospace, defense and medical industries, we are able to create energy solutions for demanding applications with safe and valuable outcomes.

Because the JTEC is a one-step, non-mechanical device, our process is more efficient, sustainable and reliable than traditional multi-step engines.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, who is CEO of Johnson R&D and inventor of the JTEC, has over 100 patents granted or applied for.


A breakthrough technology that directly converts thermal energy into electrical energy.


I have some questions. Why didn’t the pilot in the video check the infrared for a heat signature? Did the vessel appear on radar? Was there an attempt to jam this vessel’s radar?


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