Different benefits for every application, but some of JTEC’s benefits include:

Unrivaled Efficiency: Unlike traditional multi-step energy conversion processes, the JTEC device converts heat directly into electricity in a single step. Operating on the Ericsson Cycle, the device has potential for significant efficiency improvements versus current technology.

Cost-Savings: The JTEC is a solid-state heat engine with no moving parts, which offers a low maintenance alternative and reduces operating staff and related needs. It can convert otherwise wasted heat into electricity, which decreases both (a) fuel costs and (b) maintenance costs.

Clean Energy: The JTEC is able to harvest energy from ambient environments, meaning it has the potential to use solar heat or otherwise wasted heat, reducing our consumption of fossil fuels while producing clean energy.

Breakthrough Technology: The JTEC allows corporate and governmental entities to stay ahead of the technology innovation curve,
solve problems previously unsolvable, create efficiencies and beat the competition with groundbreaking technology that is highly customizable.

Versatile: JTEC devices are scalable enough to be adapted for large-scale power plants and have the potential to be made small enough to convert body heat into power for personal electronics.

Reversible: The JTEC device has the ability to operate in reverse as a cooling device, for highly efficient air conditioning and refrigeration applications.


A breakthrough technology that directly converts thermal energy into electrical energy.


Our team has been hard at work on the JTEC, my invention that turns heat into electricity. I am very excited about JTEC’s potential and am grateful that other people see that too! via @AtlantaInno

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