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JTEC devices provide groundbreaking advancements in energy conversion that are versatile and highly customizable.

Potential applications for the JTEC include:

•  Improve solar-thermal farm efficiency
•  Ambient energy harvesting to power devices
•  Clean energy for residential power
•  Nuclear power plant heat-to-electric conversion
•  Cooling of server farms, server blades or personal computers
•  Scalable to many more micro and macro applications

The JTEC offers benefits across the board, with potential to improve energy production in nearly any application that requires an engine or heat waste dispersion. The further development of the JTEC will create a multitude of complementary technological innovations, including advanced high performance fuel cells, compressed hydrogen energy storage and solid-state cryogenic cooling.

JTEC devices have already been built as lab prototypes establishing proof-of-concept. With no mechanical moving parts, this solid state device will work in any environment where there are temperature or pressure differences. All test performed to date have had military and proprietary companies applications.

We have a team of highly trained scientist and engineers that will work with you on highly specialized applications. Our goal is to completely understand our customer’s needs and how they want to apply our technology.

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A breakthrough technology that directly converts thermal energy into electrical energy.


I have some questions. Why didn’t the pilot in the video check the infrared for a heat signature? Did the vessel appear on radar? Was there an attempt to jam this vessel’s radar?


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